Mapping the Customer Journey

Posted 2024-01-22 23:26 UTC+0000

Customer Journey

Have you mapped your customer journey? It's not just for SAAS - it is a great way to document your customers' experience and see ways to get better. Here's my imaginary journey for a company selling physical goods online:

  • Discovery - customer is looking at the website, learning about product features and options. In the old days, this might have been flipping through a catalog.
  • Decision - customer places an order. How easy is it? Do they know up front when it will ship and deliver? Is pricing transparent?
  • Pick/Pack/Ship/Deliver - how much visibility does the customer have? What kind of notifications go out? Are they going to the right people at the right time? One common problem here is the shipping notification goes out before the shipment has been picked up - if the customer clicks the tracking link, the carrier's website says it doesn't exist.
  • Post-sales support - what do customers need after delivery? Are their documents easily accessible? Do they feel supported if there is an issue?

I've heard executives be shocked that their websites didn't have features we expect in a B2C world - does yours? We're here to help build them quickly without adding to your maintenance load.


Posted 2024-01-22 23:26 UTC+0000 link

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