Posted 2024-01-15 22:45 UTC+0000

Liminal Network Blog We are passionate about connectivity at Liminal Networkand we believe APIs are the future.

Why do we care so much?

First off, what are EDI and API? They are both ways of exchanging data. EDI is a "standard" that has been around for decades. Those air quotes are because it is not really standard - everyone has customized their specifications. Setup is expensive and time-consuming, it is (relatively) slow and expensive to process, and EDI is very easy to break. One misplaced character can cause an entire file to fail.

APIs are a newer way of exchanging data when compared to EDI, they have been around for years. You might see references to JSON or XML, they are languages used in APIs. We like APIs because they are easily reusable, scalable, and near-real-time. Not to mention they can be very secure when they are set up correctly.

Why make the switch to APIs when EDI has worked for years?

  • It is much less expensive - EDI costs dollars, API costs pennies
  • APIs are faster & easier to implement
  • APIs are platform neutral, they can be run from websites, from existing systems, even from databases.

Our goal is to remove the barriers to switching, with us you can outsource the boring maintenance work of APIs, freeing up your people to do work that no one else can. Want to learn more? Click Schedule a Demo below.


Posted 2024-01-15 22:45 UTC+0000 link

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