Some acronyms and terms that we use at Liminal Network may be new to some of our investors and team members.

  • 3PL = third-party logistics - a company to which you can outsource logistics operations. Can include physical operations (warehousing, packaging, light assembly) or services like assigning carriers.
  • Asset-based company = a trucking company that owns or operates its own vehicles, including contracted owner-operators.
  • BOL = Bill of Lading
  • Broker = an intermediary that finds carriers for freight. May or may not be associated with an asset-based company.
  • CRM = customer relationship management
  • CSR = Customer Service Representative
  • ERP = enterprise resource planning
  • FMCSA = Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - United States federal government department that regulates motor carriers.
  • LTL = less-than-truckload
  • NMFC = National Motor Freight Classification
  • OMS = order management system
  • POD = Proof of Delivery
  • SCAC = standard carrier alpha code issued by NMFT
  • SMC = Southern Motor Carrier Association (maintains NMFC)
  • TMS = transportation management system
  • TPB = third-party billing, payer for freight is unrelated to shipper or consignee

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