"Where's my stuff?" Every day your customers ask for delivery updates and documents. Liminal Network takes the friction out of updates. Our proprietary hub enables one integration that connects your existing platforms with many partners, building self-service and data gathering without the time and effort of a project.

Creating frictionless connections between businesses

Liminal Network is here to help you quickly get your shipment's BOL (Bill of Lading), POD (Proof of Delivery), and tracking information.

Much like we want our shipments to get from Point A to Point B hassle-free, we don't want to get hung up for minutes or hours on multiple websites, emails, and/or phone calls to get documents. Customers and auditors need their information now.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to delight your customer, because Liminal Network simplifies logistics APIs for you.

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Your data is yours with our technology

We understand that your data is important to your business. You don't want a provider that will lose or sell your data. Liminal Network does not store your data. Whether we are helping you to track a shipment, retrieve a document, or access other sensitive information; we remove all traces of that information from our system as soon as we confirm that you have received it.

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Give your customers the self-service they demand - without adding more software

We help you answer the most important question, "Where's my stuff?"

With Liminal Network, the days of calling a CSR (Customer Service Representative) to check with the Shipping Department, only to learn that the Carrier has a new website you need to check, are over.

Our easy-to-use APIs let you embed delivery status and documents inside your current systems and website. We make you the resource your customers are looking for.

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Find the information you need regardless of the platforms

We all know the pain of waiting on tech support while they try to figure out how to make one application "speak" to another tool, losing time that could be spent helping a customer.

Liminal Network's proprietary technology pairs with all system vintages, whether it's a new cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management platform), an on-prem ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning platform), or an AS400 that's been running since the 1980s.

We are here to help you get what you need when you need it.

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Improve Free Cash Flow

One of the most common reasons that customers don't pay, is by claiming they didn't receive the delivery.

With Liminal Network, you have instant access to the POD (Proof of Delivery), which you can easily share with your customer. You can attach it to the invoice, embed it in the system your collections team uses, and make sure you get paid more quickly to improve your working capital.

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