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2024 is going to be a year of cybersecurity, just like 2022, and 2021, and at Liminal Network one of our guiding principles is data privacy & security - your data belongs to you. We are excited to partner with the NMFTA to present Five Simple Things to Improve API Security later this month.

Josiah will discuss trends he has seen implementing logistics APIs and in the broader tech community and you will come out with actionable ideas and building blocks for your next IT business case.

You can register at Webinar Signup for this free webinar on January 25. We hope to see you there!


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2024 is all about connections

The last couple years have been about assessing and updating tech stacks. Every company needs the right tools and every one of those tools needs to be integrated. Middleware is the hardest part of any implementation - projects need the right people from across the company.

Architecture is shifting - we're moving to cloud, data exchange is near real time, and customers' expectations are only increasing. Specialized systems are taking over from ERPs. So how do we keep up with accelerating needs?

We're all about connections at Liminal Network. Our tools make it easy for you to integrate with your vendors and share information with your customers -without projects. Want to learn more? Click Schedule a Demo.

Happy New Year! -Hillary

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2023 Year In Review

2023 was a banner year for us at Liminal Network.

Back in January I could not stop thinking about how frustrating it was to connect to carriers. Even when we could use APIs the processes still felt like EDI. Every connection required a new setup and new testing it was time consuming, repetitive, and no one liked doing the work. I could see a better way but no one was selling a product that delivered on the promise. After a couple months of conversations Josiah and I signed the paperwork to incorporate on April 27. We launched our API hub in September and we have been adding carriers and features ever since.

At the same time our industry has been working through a freight recession; possibly the strangest one I have experienced. We have a freight recession at the same time as inflation which means carriers and shippers are squeezed from both sides. Everything costs more but customers demand better, faster information.

We are excited to bring you more solutions in 2024. We will keep delivering easy-to-implement, cost-effective tools that improve your customer and employee experience. We have some exciting products in our backlog that I am excited to show off and I think you will love them.

We are taking this week off to recharge and celebrate with our families, see you next year!


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Legacy Systems

Legacy systems, we have all encountered them - AS400s, on-premises systems from the 2000s, and data warehouses barely equipped with dictionaries. Two or three individuals possess an incredible understanding of each system, but they are occupied with maintenance and customer-facing projects. Securing their time is more challenging than capital approval.

Our product presents a different approach. Implementing Liminal Network APIs does not necessitate a week of discovery sessions with technology and business teams. It operates with data already existing in your invoice table and order management tools. We manage normalization and transformation - no reformatting required. We can utilize the SCAC or variations on the carrier's name - our platform accommodates RLCA, R+L Carriers, R&L, or RL.

Our APIs can be active on your website with less than a day's effort from your web developer. Our code is straightforward and readily understandable - they won't need to expend a day deciphering specifications and writing new code. Our unique testing methodology guarantees your knowledge of each component's functionality.

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Three Reasons to Implement Visibility Now

At first glance visibility is nice-to-have. Your customers are not asking for it and you have ways to get the information when it is needed. But you do not want to deliver a mediocre experience, you want a great experience. You can delight your customers with self-service they did not know they wanted and save time & money at the same time.

Customers Want Self-Service

Amazon taught us to order online, check status online, and confirm delivery with a picture in our email. Dominos lets us see if our pizza is baking in their oven. Do you want to up your experience before your competitors? Or do you want to lose orders when they do it first?

Your employees want self-service.

Ask your CSRs and shipping team how often someone asks where is my stuff? Our research indicates anywhere from 5% to 25% of customer service calls are to find the location of a package. With automation you can use that time to talk to customers, reduce your hold times, or reduce overtime. Plus, it improves employee satisfaction they do not like these calls. They were not hired as clerks.

Your IT team is overworked.

No one has enough people to do all the projects that need to be done, much less maintain everything. If you can easily outsource something that will delight your customers, that is a win for you.

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